Get to know the importance of SDGs to different consumers around the world. Find out how brands are responding to the UN SDGs 2030.
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Nowadays, we are facing one of the most important challenges in humankind history; In addition, suffering a devastating pandemic over the past year has forced us to rethink all strategies worldwide. The 2030 agenda proposed by the United Nations based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) means a significance advance in taking care of the planet we live in, not only at an ecosystem level, but also at a human level.

Furthermore, the relevance about the SDGs is that there is not only a conversation happening about the environment, global warming, life on earth or marine life, but also in aspects of gender equality, fight against poverty, quality education, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities or good health.

There is still a long way to go, but with the efforts of what we call the empathy triangle; formed by consumers, brands and institutions, it should be possible to generate a sufficient positive impact on the commitment to caring for the planet and its inhabitants.

The 17 sustainable development goals framed within the 2030 Agenda, are part of the plan developed by the UN to put an end to poverty, protect the planet and ultimately improve people’s lives. In this regard, mobilisation must be coordinated globally, locally and at an individual level. Thus, we interviewed more than 5000 consumers in 10 different countries and analysed their opinion in this area, which we conceive as an important part of the change process, although not solely and exclusively, as the responsibility to achieve these goals, in addition to being individual, is also the responsibility of communities, institutions and businesses.

As a result, Hamilton Global and Old Surfer joining forces and talent gladly present to you the most ambitious market research study on sustainability UN SDGs 2030 from a consumer point of view around the world.

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Get to know the importance of SDGs to different consumers around the world. Find out how brands are responding to the UN SDGs 2030 and what actions are they taking in order to make a more sustainable environment for their costumers Identify what values and external influences are shaping people purchasing behaviours and how brand react to them.

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